ATP Services for Manufacturers

Innovation in the distribution and management of compliance and safety information is increasingly becoming an important element for manufacturers, and the costs associated with new technology development and implementation can be significant.

Leverage the ATP Knowledge™ Platform

The ATP Knowledge™ platform upholds the maintenance organization's requirement to keep aircraft safe and airworthy, and addresses the manufacturers' interests in maintaining the asset value of their customers' aircraft.

Information Services

ATP® Libraries improves access, increases efficiency in finding information and enhances technical publication acquisition and revision management processes. Learn More »

ATP® Parts Inventory works in conjunction with ATP Libraries in the ATP Aviation Hub cloud application for precise manufacturer parts information. Learn More »

ATP Maintenance Tracking works in conjunction with ATP Libraries in the ATP Aviation Hub cloud application for precise maintenance event information. Learn More »

Accessing Information

Your customers can use the ATP Aviation Hub™ Cloud Application to access subscriptions from any computer with an Internet connection. Additionally, customers can install the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile Application for anytime, anywhere access, both online and offline, on any Windows, iOS or Android device.

Cloud Application Mobile Application

Manufacturer Services

Distribution Management

Effective delivery of the most current maintenance and service information anytime, anywhere. Learn More »

Library and Revision Management

Our professional staff of librarians acquire, organize and manage all the necessary publications for quick and easy access to vital information. Learn More »

Subscription Management and Sales

We fully manage recurring revenues with our advanced subscription management technology and our experienced customer service personnel. Learn More »

Private Branding and Channel Marketing

ATP offers an outsourced solution to our business partners to ensure that your brand is easily accessible and identifiable to your customers.

ATP can support your brand strategy seamlessly:

  • Use your brand on all packaging, discs, and marketing
  • Privately branded customer experience within ATP's applications
  • Channel customers directly to your website for information and parts sales

ATP embodies the union of advanced technology, aviation experience, and market insight to create a powerful solution for our partners. Leverage ATP’s world class services and innovative technology leadership to bring effective and valuable change to your organization with additional revenue opportunities.

Manufacturer Community Services

AMT Community Services

Reach AskBob™ AMT Community members with your company messaging. Learn More »

Community Platform as a Service

Leverage ATP's community Platform as a Service (PaaS) to provide a privately branded community portal for your business. Learn More »

What Others are Saying

Read the Case Studies to Learn How Companies Like Yours Have Benefited from the ATP's Manufacturer Services.

Lycoming Engines

ATP's technical expertise saves Lycoming Engines the cost of creating an in-house infrastructure for the same purpose. "This is ATP's core business, and its something they do very well. It makes a lot of sense for an OEM like us to rely on a company like ATP to support the digital documentation needs of our customers."
Read the Case Study

Viking Air Ltd.

"ATP excels at providing an easy to use product, from a single source, that ensures compliance. That is exactly the type of service we need for our customers."
Read the Case Study

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