The ChronicX® Innovative Recurring Defect Management Solution Draws Interest at MRO IT

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Article Published on: Wed, April 10, 2017

Recently, ATP participated in The Airline & Aerospace MRO & Operations IT Conference in Miami, Florida. This annual conference is also held in Amsterdam and Bangkok, and they are the world's only events to address the crucial issues relating to the development of IT and its key use for aircraft maintenance and flight operations. This years attendance included over 200 key executives from airlines, operators, MROs, OEMs, IT Vendors, Regulators and consultants from across the Americas.

This was the first time that we participated at the conference as an exhibitor. Our ChronicX® solution, attracted visitors and impressed representatives from several airlines. Their reaction to the demos showed how excited they were about the ChronicX solution’s innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring aircraft defects, and for helpingMaintenance Operations groups support their aircraft better and reduce AOG risk.  

A common problem in the industry is that aircraft maintenance technicians spend a great deal of time diagnosing equipment problems because the complexity of aircraft systems may prevent them from isolating the root cause of defects. Furthermore, the way a defect is described may mislead technicians. Considering the high cost of aircraft downtime and the negative effect on customer satisfaction, airlines are always under significant pressure to recognize recurring defects quickly and correct the underlying problem on the first try.

The ChronicX solution identifies, consolidates, and ranks recurring/ chronic defects (and potential chronics) on individual aircraft and across aircraft fleets, regardless of the assigned ATA coding. It uncovers hidden trends such as previously undetected recurring problems, at both the tail number and fleet-level, and emerging failure modes that have not yet reached critical status. The innovative technology of the ChronicXsolution helps maintenance engineers recognize and manage quickly recurring defects and allows them to allocate their maintenance resources to the most critical and costly situations.

Our ChronicX solution is unique, and as a result of the in-depth conversations that we had at the conference, ATP has been again recognized as the aviation industry’s leading software and services company that provides the most advanced recurring defect management solution in the industry. The ChronicX solution has a dramatic impact on operators and a prestigious customer list attests to that.


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