Subscription Notice for Bendix King Libraries

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Article Published on: Thu, June 23, 2015


ATP works diligently to provide the most efficient information services for maintenance operations. However, there are occasions when ATP is unable to provide information in ATP® Libraries. Effective June 23, 2015, the following publication(s) will no longer be available in ATPlibraries:

Name: KX 155/165 VHF Nav/Comm Transceivers
Type: Installation Manual
Issue No: 006-00179

Name: KX 155A/165A
Type: Installation Manual
Issue No: 006-10542

The publications have been removed from the following at libraries: BK10 - Bendix King Glideslope Receivers Library, BK11 - Bendix King Category 1/1A/1B/8, BK22 - Bendix KingCategory 1-14, and BK54 - ATP Avionics Library.

To continue receiving the technical publications and publication revisions listed above, you may contact the manufacturer directly.

Bendix King by Honeywell
9201-B San Mateo Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113
Support US & Canada: 1.855.250.7027
Support international: 1.505.903.6148

Please contact ATP Support or Sales if you have any questions regarding the effect this change will have on your current ATP Libraries.



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