Subscription Notice for Teledyne Gill Batteries Publications

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Article Published on: Thu, June 12, 2015


ATP works diligently with all aviation manufacturers to provide the most efficient information services for maintenance operations. Manufacturers realize the benefits of ATP's single source information services platform to aircraft safety and industry productivity. It is rare but occasionally a manufacturer makes a decision to stop partnering with ATP to provide this valuable service to our mutual customers.

ATP was recently instructed to stop selling and providing updates to technical publications from Teledyne GillBatteries. Effective June 12, 2015, ATP has complied with the manufacturer's request and we have discontinued the Teledyne Gill Batteries Maintenance Library and removed the content from ATP Libraries. To continue receiving technical publications and publication revisions for Teledyne GillBatteries you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Teledyne Battery Products 
P.O. Box 7950
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone - 909-793-3131 
Toll Free - 1-800-456-0070
Fax 909-793-5818

Please contact ATP Sales if you have any questions regarding the effect this change will have on your currentATP® Libraries



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