Director of Customer Success (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

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Position Summary:

ATP CaseBank’s SpotLight® application is used by technicians around the world to troubleshoot aircraft and other complex equipment for several OEMs. SpotLight is currently used at Bombardier, Airbus Canada, Gulfstream, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Lockheed Martin (F35 JSF), and Pilatus. Our ChronicX® software is currently used by airlines and MROs around the world to track the health of their fleet. Currently, over 25% of the free world’s in-service commercial airline fleet are tracked using ChronicX.

We are looking for a smart, hard-working, motivated executive to lead the Customer Success aspects of our business. We view the Director of Customer Success as a cornerstone of our three-year plan, going beyond metrics and process to focus on doing the right thing for our clients — a crucial position tasked with the definition of and execution toward best-in-class customer experience. Our Customer Success organization comprises Learning and Development, a Project Management Office, and our Customer Success Management team for (currently) two product lines, a total of 7 FTEs.

Keys to Hiring

The Director of Customer Success (CS) we are looking for has a solid grasp of what customer success is and ample experience developing client relationships, working with clients directly to find solutions to complex business problems. They possess a "big picture" perspective of customer success, and its impact on revenue, retention, marketing, and our client’s success. The best Director of Customer Success will have progressed through a sales and management consulting background and have experience building out a Customer Success organization previously in an enterprise setting (low volume high dollar revenue clients).

Performance Objectives

Primary Objective:

Oversee the strategy of our Customer Success initiatives, primarily developing and deploying a customer success framework to increase user adoption, client retention and drive value realization activities for both direct and OEM/ISV customers.

Secondary Objective:

An interim step necessary to achieve the primary objective will be, in the first thirty to sixty days, to develop a good understanding of the SpotLight and ChronicX software tools, their user groups, and the customers. The Director of CS will do this by using SpotLight and ChronicX, gathering insight and knowledge from the Project Managers, Product Managers, Sales, and other internal stakeholders, attending customer training sessions, and interacting regularly with the customers.

Within the first sixty days the Director of CS will have worked with the CS team to document the current customer journey and develop a draft roles and responsibilities framework for the Customer Success process at ATP CaseBank.

Other key initiatives will include:

  • Defining internal and external processes and KPIs, and ensuring compliance
  • Defining Customer Success Management metrics and process for strategic accounts to monitor, measure and analyze customer engagement.
  • Work with education lead to define and develop a training roadmap
  • Defining what value realization is throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Effective prioritization of customer needs based on resource availability and importance
  • Creating an effective Account Management process for Tier 1 customers, and the appropriate governance for Tier 2 customers.

Team Development & Influencing:

Within the first ninety days, the Director of CS shall work closely with the current members of the CS team (Customer Success Managers and Project Managers) and assess the team strengths and weaknesses. The PM will share their assessment with the Director of Professional Services and Customer Success and work with them to ensure the team is being most effectively utilized.

The Director of CS will Provide leadership to our technical project management team ensuring best practices are being applied to a high quality and consistent project delivery responsibility.

They will promote staff engagement by providing professional development opportunities and guidance to all levels of the Customer Success team. They will be responsible for hiring and growing the department over time, providing leadership on team growth, mentoring and staffing needs.

Technical Competency:

Our key technical objective is to not only have a deep understanding of Customer Success, but also how a high functioning CS team works. The Director of CS will have experience developing, documenting and training your team on both implementation and post-implementation methodology. They will be process oriented with an attention to detail and demonstrate excellent presentation and communication skills with particular ability to adapt to the audience (client, vendor, team member), knowing how to blend compassion, respect and authority.

Address Problems & Make Improvements:

The Director of CS will be building the Customer Success team at ATP CaseBank, the focus of the role for the first year will be implementing a CS framework and addressing gaps and implementing improvements. The Director of CS will have the authority to implement the process and procedures required to achieve the Primary and Secondary Objectives. They will:

  • Work strategically with Sales in defining the appropriate engagement model and ongoing alignment to ensure sales, expansion and renewal opportunities are handled effectively as a customer team.
  • Work with Sales and Marketing to ensure the appropriate onboarding and training plans and ensure they are communicated effectively to prospects.
  • Define the hand-off from Sales and ensure a seamless transition to implementation and post-implementation customer journey activities.
  • Define and implement strategies to increase customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Development of an appropriate segmentation strategy for handling both direct customers and partners.
  • Work closely with Product Management, Engineering and Support to identify opportunities for future product functionality and provide insight on customer experience as it pertains to product development.
  • Drive efficiency with Product Management and Support teams in order to provide seamless resolution for customers’ requests.

Tenacity & Conflict Resolution:

At times, this individual will face challenges managing the priorities of multiple internal stakeholders and external customers. This individual will need to be comfortable pushing back on how things are done today, while also communicating effectively to gain critical buy-in throughout the team and maintaining excellent customer relationships.
Personality & Interpersonal Skills:

Success in this role requires emotional agility. The Director of CS must be able to work well with a wide variety of personalities, and roles.

This leader will need to demonstrate that they can make a difference quickly while embracing CaseBank’s performance-driven culture. They will also need to establish credibility with managers at CaseBank by demonstrating technical expertise and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. They should take their work seriously, but not themselves. They should be ambitious but grounded. They should get satisfaction out of building something that outlives them.

The Company

ATP is a global information services and software company focused on maximizing the value of aircraft and aviation operations by providing a suite of reference content, airworthiness, diagnostics and reliability services that optimize aircraft availability and operational compliance. The company is the leader in managing and analyzing content for maintenance operations and compliance, by adding value through smarter reference content and diagnostics, integrating that information into tools to drive improved decision making and productivity, and providing advisory services to deliver efficient operations. ATP has deep roots in the general aviation, automotive, technology, aerospace, and defence industries and has deployed solutions worldwide to support multiple Fortune 100 companies. As a global company, ATP has more than 6,700 customers in 137 countries, with almost 50 years of experience in the information services and software industries.

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