Intermediate Java Developer – Data ChronicX (Mississauga/Toronto, Canada)

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Position Summary

CaseBank’s SpotLight and ChronicX SaaS applications provide guided diagnostics and recurring maintenance defect identification and tracking for many of the world’s largest and best-known airlines. Our customer base continues to grow at accelerating year-over-year rates, largely through industry word-of-mouth.

We seek an experienced Java developer to conduct a tech debt refresh on a fielded application. This role provides a full-stack development opportunity requiring an understanding of both legacy technologies (MSSQL, Hibernate, GWT) and modern replacements (React.JS/Redux plus an in-house Big Data stack leveraging Apache Cassandra and Spring Boot).

You will join a small but highly capable team, with a culture of openness, information sharing, and commitment to technical excellence. Collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality code are critical to this role. To succeed, you must possess a demonstrated track record of accomplishment in a growing, fast-paced environment, a “Three Musketeers” (all for one, and one for all) approach to teamwork, and an instinctive ability to recognize, create, and perpetuate clean and elegant software implementations.

Performance Objectives

Primary Objectives:

  1. Execute a technology refresh on an existing application, migrating from GWT/Hibernate/MSSQL into React/Spring Boot/Cassandra stack.
  2. Design and implement Messaging APIs strengthening integration between the application and other elements of the CaseBank product ecosystem.
  3. Contribute to overall system design, development and growth discussions of CaseBank’s product offerings in accordance with the product road map.

Secondary Objectives:

  1. Collaborate with UX design and Product Management to elaborate requirements and prepare development estimates for new feature candidates.
  2. Participate in design reviews, code reviews, and in mentoring junior staff.
  3. Assist the team leader by coordinating activities with QA and DevOps teams to ensure on time, high quality version upgrades in the production environment.

Required Skill Set

  1. Software engineering degree plus 5 years software development experience or equivalent using a Java web application stack.
  2. Design, implementation and use of RESTful APIs
  3. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server / Hibernate / Spring Boot / Cassandra technology stack.
  4. Minimum one year experience developing user interfaces and components in React.JS.
  5. A strong desire to establish, enhance, and preserve a clean codebase throughout the development lifecycle.

The Team

You will need to demonstrate that you can make a difference quickly while embracing CaseBank’s performance-driven culture. We’ll give you the help you need to make that happen. Our team has a few common characteristics; if you share these, you’ll fit right in:

  • We work together to achieve common goals without chasing individual credit.
  • We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
  • We’re ambitious but grounded.
  • We get satisfaction out of building products that have a material impact on the world and will outlive us.
  • Our team is of paramount importance. We take hiring very seriously and scrutinize resumes closely to keep our competency above industry average. We expect you’d do the same with us.  Let us know you reviewed this opportunity carefully by including the word “phoenix” somewhere in your response.

The Company

ATP is a global information services and software company focused on maximizing the value of aircraft and aviation operations by providing a suite of reference content, airworthiness, diagnostics and reliability services that optimize aircraft availability and operational compliance. The company is the leader in managing and analyzing content for maintenance operations and compliance, by adding value through smarter reference content and diagnostics, integrating that information into tools to drive improved decision making and productivity, and providing advisory services to deliver efficient operations. ATP has deep roots in the general aviation, automotive, technology, aerospace, and defence industries and has deployed solutions worldwide to support multiple Fortune 100 companies. As a global company, ATP has more than 6,700 customers in 137 countries, with almost 50 years of experience in the information services and software industries.

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