Junior Diagnostic Database Developer (Mississauga/Toronto, Canada)

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Position Summary

CaseBank’s SpotLight® application is used by technicians around the world to troubleshoot aircraft and other complex equipment for several OEMs. SpotLight is currently used at Bombardier, Gulfstream, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Lockheed Martin (F35 JSF), Pilatus, and others. SpotLight is a software reasoning engine that operates on a Diagnostic Database (DDB) that contains descriptions of all known failure modes (“Solutions”) for the specific equipment.

As a Jr. Diagnostic Database (DDB) Developer you will contribute to the successful creation, maintenance, and growth of one or more DDBs. It is a unique position with the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge to create SpotLight guided diagnostic systems for world-class clients in aviation, automotive, and other industries. The Jr. DDB Developer reports to the Director of Professional Services.

Keys to Hiring

The best Jr. DDB Developers possess a technical or engineering background and have a keen interest in complex electrical and mechanical systems and equipment. You are logical, methodical and detail-oriented. You are experienced working with computers and have intermediate understanding of software tools (e.g. excel, word).

Performance Objectives

Primary Objective: To author, validate, and maintain high quality SpotLight troubleshooting solutions for a variety of equipment and systems.

Secondary Objective: An interim step necessary to achieve the primary objective will be, in the first sixty days, to be validating SpotLight troubleshooting content against the style guide and customer supplied source data and identifying all errors and issues. You will be the final validation before SpotLight sessions are sent to the customer. The Jr. DDB Developer will do this by using SpotLight, attending training sessions and actively participating in all project meetings and discussions.

Within the first three months, you will review software scripted content, and identify areas for improvement, with an understanding of the scripting process. You will maintain equipment configuration and perform SpotLight session reviews to identify potential new Field Experience.

Within the first six months, the Jr. DDB Developer will independently author SpotLight troubleshooting content from variety of source documentation, including, Fault Isolation Manuals, engineering documents, technical publications such as maintenance manuals, system schematics, wiring diagrams, and maintenance records.

Within 12 months, the Jr. DDB Developer will gain an advanced understanding of the SpotLight Author Tools and the reasoning engine and will leverage this understanding in order to author complex troubleshooting solutions.

Operational Review: Suggest improvements to the current DDB development processes and tools.

Technical Competency: The Jr. DDB Developer should possess a technical or engineering background, with knowledge and interest in complex electrical and mechanical systems. You are experienced working with computers and have intermediate understanding of software tools (e.g. excel, word). You will be able to understand and apply the information from engineering documents, and technical publications such as maintenance manuals, system schematics, and wiring diagrams to build troubleshooting content.
Address Problems & Make Improvements: The Jr. DDB Developer will communicate with the DDB Developer Lead throughout the DDB development, and validation process. You will make required changes to the DDB and suggest and implement improvements to the process.
Personality & Interpersonal Skills: The Jr. DDB Developer will work well with a wide variety of personalities, and roles. You will actively participate in project discussions and respectfully provide technical suggestions, and input on the estimates and priorities. You must be flexible to changing priorities and work-loads, at times you will be working on multiple time-sensitive projects, and at times dedicated to a single long-running project.

The Jr. DDB Developer will need to demonstrate that they can make a difference quickly while embracing CaseBank’s performance-driven culture. They will also need to establish credibility with managers at CaseBank by demonstrating technical expertise and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. They should take their work seriously, but not themselves. They should be ambitious but grounded. They should get satisfaction out of building something that outlives them.

The Company

CaseBank Technologies, a Division of ATP, is a company that commercializes a diagnostic software tool, SpotLight®, for the troubleshooting of aircraft, engines, and other complex equipment and a SaaS web application, ChronicX®, which helps airlines and MROs improve the health of their fleets by providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects.

In December 2016 CaseBank was acquired and merged with ATP by the Chicago-based private equity firm ParkerGale Capital who continues to reinvest in growing and enhancing the business and its product lines.

The interested applicant should send their resume and cover letter to [email protected].