Project Manager - Contract (Mississauga/Toronto, Canada)

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Position Summary

CaseBank’s SpotLight® application is used by technicians around the world to troubleshoot aircraft and other complex equipment for several OEMs. SpotLight is currently used at Bombardier, Gulfstream, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Lockheed Martin (F35 JSF), and Pilatus. SpotLight is a software reasoning engine that operates on a Diagnostic Database (DDB) that contains descriptions of all known failure modes (“Solutions”) for the specific equipment.

This is a fast-paced, high-priority, demanding role with many opportunities, and the authority to implement processes and improvements and to see the results of your changes in action. The Project Manager (PM) has input into the product roadmap and vision and is critical to the successful execution of SpotLight projects and addition of new SpotLight customers. 

The PM is responsible for the successful execution of multiple SpotLight implementation and support projects which include DDB development, software integrations and customizations, and DDB maintenance and growth. The PM directs the multi-disciplinary project team and is responsible for the full project lifecycle, including the SOW definition, schedule, resourcing, risk mitigation, project status analysis and reporting, and customer communication.  The PM reports to the Director of Professional Services.

Keys to Hiring

The best PMs possess an advanced knowledge of effective and flexible project management processes to meet the needs of varied customers and project types in order to deliver projects on time and on budget. They have progressed through a technical or engineering background and are able to challenge software developers and DDB developers on estimates and scope of work to ensure the project remains on track. They have excellent communication skills and manage customer meetings, requests, and expectations, and report project status to the management and executive team, proactively keeping all stakeholders aligned and up to date.

This is a contract position (approximately 15 months) with the opportunity to transition to a full time permanent position upon completion of the contract.

Performance Objectives

Primary Objective: Manage a minimum of three (3) SpotLight projects, ensuring all DDB and software projects are completed on schedule and on budget and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Serve as proposal manager for new SpotLight projects and programs. The PM should also focus on how to improve the SpotLight DDB Development project estimating, planning, and execution processes. Earning the respect of the DDB and software development teams is key to this position.

Secondary Objective: There will be a minimum one month transition period where the underway SpotLight projects will be transferred to the contract PM. An interim step necessary to achieve the primary objective will be, in the first thirty days, to develop a good understanding of the SpotLight software and to get up to speed on all existing projects and initiatives from the current PM. By the end of the transition period, the PM will be independently managing all current projects. The PM will do this by working directly with the current PM, attending all internal and external meetings, reviewing the project documentation (contracts, SOWs, Action Items, schedules, etc), and interacting regularly with the customers.

Within the first three months, the PM will be participating and contributing to one or more SpotLight proposals.

There will be a second transition period at the end of the contract where the PM will transfer any in-work projects back to an existing PM. The details of this closing transition will be finalized when it is determined if the PM will be staying with CaseBank in a full time permanent role.

Team Development & Influencing: Within the first ninety days, the PM shall work closely with all members of the SpotLight team (software and DDB developers, team leads, product management, sales, and the executive) and assess the team strengths and weaknesses. The PM will share their assessment with the Director of Professional Services and work with them to ensure the team is being most effectively utilized.

Operational Review: Conduct a comprehensive operational review of current practices and capabilities including processes, systems, and procedures within the first six months. Specific to the SpotLight PM this would span across estimating and proposals, creation of the SOW, DDB development, software integrations and customizations, SpotLight deployment, and project closeout.

Technical Competency: Our key technical objective is to not only have a deep understanding of Project Management, but also how a high functioning project works. This individual should possess knowledge and experience in customer-facing project management, have experience in a software or technical role, and understand the engineering process and the software development cycle. The PM will be a good technical writer with experience authoring technical project content, such as proposals and SOWs. They should be proficient using MS Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Word, Teams, and Jira for project documentation and tracking.

Address Problems & Make Improvements: CaseBank’s strength is its product and its people, but we believe there is room for improvement across the company, including in our SpotLight projects. The PM will have the authority to suggest and implement improved process and procedures to achieve the Primary and Secondary Objectives.

Strategy & Planning: The PM will update the plan for each active SpotLight project within the first two months, with detailed actions, resources, and risk mitigation required to meet the remaining milestones. They will need to demonstrate an ability to prioritize and implement these plans with limited internal resources.
Project Management, Organizational Planning & Execution: The PM will have full responsibility for their assigned SpotLight programs and proposals. A good PM is in regular communication with the managers at CaseBank, keeping all in the loop as to the progress of each project, paying particular attention to deadlines as determined by both internal and external parties. The PM will deliver a weekly project status report to the Director of Professional Services.

Tenacity & Conflict Resolution: Regularly, this individual will face challenges managing the priorities of multiple internal stakeholders and external customers. This individual will need to be comfortable pushing back on how things are done today, while also communicating effectively to gain critical buy-in throughout the project team and maintaining excellent customer relationships. He or she will be critical to driving cross functional collaboration within the project team.

Personality & Interpersonal Skills: Success in this role requires emotional agility. The PM must be able to work well with a wide variety of personalities, and roles. They need to be able to respectfully challenge DDB developers, software developers, and executive personnel with regard to priorities, estimates, scope of work, etc. They must thrive leading a fast-paced, high-priority, demanding environment, with a large and growing customer base.

This leader will need to demonstrate that they can make a difference quickly while embracing CaseBank’s performance-driven culture. They will also need to establish credibility with managers at CaseBank by demonstrating technical expertise and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. They should take their work seriously, but not themselves. They should be ambitious but grounded. They should get satisfaction out of building something that outlives them.

The Company

CaseBank Technologies, a Division of ATP, is a company that commercializes a diagnostic software tool, SpotLight®, for the troubleshooting of aircraft, engines, and other complex equipment and a SaaS web application, ChronicX®, which helps airlines and MROs improve the health of their fleets by providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects.

In December 2016 CaseBank was acquired and merged with ATP by the Chicago-based private equity firm ParkerGale Capital who continues to reinvest in growing and enhancing the business and its product lines.

The interested applicant should send their resume and cover letter to [email protected].