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Position Summary

The Senior Sales Representative will be fully responsible for selling ChronicX®, ATA recoding and our SpotLight® troubleshooting subscription service to the commercial aviation space focused on the North America territory. These three products are a mix of maturity levels, with ATA recoding and SpotLight being new offerings. The successful sale of these products will directly contribute to the growth expected and continued success of CaseBank.

ChronicX is currently used by airlines around the world to track the health of their fleet. Our customers have a wide variety of aircraft and fleet sizes from 20 – 900 aircraft. Currently, over 3000 aircraft are tracked using ChronicX and another 1500+ are in evaluation.

Meanwhile, SpotLight and ATA recoding are new products which will require the development of positioning and messaging to successfully penetrate the market available.

All of these products still have tremendous opportunity, and the Senior Sales Representative will be directly involved in and expected to provide valuable insight to the cross functional team to inform a product roadmap that meets customer needs, while being scalable. They will own a territory and be responsible for cultivating and maintaining a strong pipeline to meet revenue targets, contributing to the company’s top line growth. The Senior Sales Representative reports to the VP of Sales.

Keys to Hiring

The best Senior Sales Representatives take ownership of their territory and proactively and seamlessly drive the rest of the team (product management, onboarding, project management, development, analysts) to ensure a positive and repeatable process for each customer. They cultivate current relationships and expand sales for other products, as well as develop new relationships. They possess high intellectual curiosity with the drive and initiative to be a self-starter, while also being a strong team player. They have excellent communication skills and tailor their approach and messaging to customers, knowing when to say no and how to do it eloquently.

Performance Objectives

Primary Objective: Responsible for bringing $1-1.5MM in revenue from the ChronicX, ATA recoding, and SpotLight troubleshooting products. There are many opportunities to go after to achieve this goal, and the Senior Sales Representative will have to be deliberate and thoughtful about where they focus their time and sales efforts.

Secondary Objective: An interim step necessary to achieve the primary objective will be, in the first thirty days, to develop a good understanding of the products, the value propositions, and market through conversations with the product manager, project manager, analysts and development manager, as well as customer training sessions. This knowledge will provide the basis for communicating the offering at a high level, as well as a first draft of the territory plan and how to go-to-market.

Within the first ninety days, the Senior Sales Representative will identify a pipeline of opportunities across various stages from interested to approvals for evaluations. They will build this pipeline through existing relationships developed by the VP of Sales, as well as learning to develop new relationships from current targets. The VP of Sales will be heavily involved in the first ninety days providing various methods of hands-on coaching. This will include joint calls, traveling to prospects, warm hand-offs, and web conferences. A successful Senior Sales Representative will successfully close his or her first sale within six months of joining the team.

Team Development & Influencing: Within the first ninety days, the Senior Sales Representative shall work closely with all members of the product team (software and content developers, team leads, product management, project management, and the executive) to understand and assess the current messaging and market focus. The Senior Sales Representative will share their ideas with the VP of Sales and work with them to continue to hone the go-to-market strategy.

Address Problems & Make Improvements: CaseBank’s strength is its product and its people, but we believe there is room for improvement across the company, including the more mature ChronicX product, as well as new products. Greater connection of what customers would like and a continuous focus on meeting those needs can be achieved through a strong Senior Sales Representative who is consistently relaying feedback from customers to the rest of the project team.

Project Management, Organizational Planning & Execution: The Senior Sales Representative will have full responsibility for hitting their sales target for the ChronicX, ATA recoding and SpotLight products. A good Senior Sales Representative is in regular communication with the VP of Sales on customers in the pipeline, where they need additional support and what is needed to close the sale.

Tenacity & Conflict Resolution: At times, this individual will face challenges managing the priorities of multiple internal stakeholders and external customers. This individual will need to be comfortable pushing back, while also communicating effectively to gain critical buy-in throughout the project team and maintain excellent customer relationships. He or she will be critical to driving cross functional collaboration within the project team.

Personality & Interpersonal Skills: Success in this role requires emotional agility. The Senior Sales Representative must be able to work well with a wide variety of personalities, and roles. They need to be able to respectfully challenge both developers and product management with regard to meeting customer needs on time and on budget. They must thrive in leading ad-hoc teams internally to achieve an objective, especially in a matrix type organization.

This leader will need to demonstrate that they can make a difference quickly while embracing CaseBank’s performance-driven culture. They will also need to establish credibility with managers at CaseBank by demonstrating technical expertise and a willingness to work with others to achieve a goal without taking all the credit. They should take their work seriously, but not themselves. They should be ambitious but grounded. They should get satisfaction out of building something that outlives them.

The Company

CaseBank Technologies, a Division of ATP, is a company that commercializes a diagnostic software tool, SpotLight®, for the troubleshooting of aircraft, engines, and other complex equipment and a SaaS web application, ChronicX®, which helps airlines and MROs improve the health of their fleets by providing an innovative approach for detecting and managing recurring defects.

In December 2016 CaseBank was acquired and merged with ATP by the Chicago-based private equity firm ParkerGale Capital who continues to reinvest in growing and enhancing the business and its product lines.

This position is located in Toronto/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

To Apply For This Position

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