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Aircraft Recurring Defect Management

A complete solution for automatic repeating defect identification of chronic aircraft problems, reoccurring defection resolution management, and defect analysis to improve aircraft safety and reliability.

ChronicX is an advanced web and mobile solution for aircraft recurring defection detection management that is trusted by major, regional, and cargo airlines.

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Improved Accuracy

ChronicX finds valid recurring aircraft defects in your maintenance data by using a proprietary text-mining engine and machine learning. It reveals many recurring aircraft defects often missed by traditional analysis, improving the accuracy of the overall data by up to 80%.

Earlier Aircraft Defect Detection

ChronicX automatically identifies new or changing chronic issues as early as the second repeat, reducing the average time of response and helping airlines maintain aircraft availability.



Faster Resolution

ChronicX provides collaboration and workflow tools allowing for immediate validation of chronic aircraft defects and seamless communication between MOC, reliability, and line maintenance, guaranteeing a single source of truth.

Enhance the performance of aircraft managers by improving the accuracy of repetitive aircraft issue detection.

Chronic Identification

Using natural language processing and machine learning, ChronicX analyzes aircraft defect text, automatically grouping like issues.

Custom Notifications

Configure custom alerts and notifications based on defects to instantly notify maintenance personnel, resulting in fewer delays or cancellations.

Configurable Dashboards

Configure dashboards using custom criteria to analyze defect and chronic trends for individual aircraft views and fleet comparisons.

Synonym Dictionary

With its powerful and fast search, ChronicX allows users to identify chronic defects with spelling variations, synonyms, abbreviations, and more.

Integrated Reporting

ChronicX includes a robust set of reporting tools with filtering and sorting by various criteria, including tail number, part, code, flight, and more.

Custom Filtering

The ability to incorporate and integrate custom data elements from multiple sources as custom filter options for single source defect analysis.

Read what ChronicX customers have to say about the product and its features.

[ChronicX] found a tremendous amount more receptive items than we knew even existed. We were able to fix these items at a quicker pace and they never escalated into major operational problems in the aircraft.
Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center
Major North American Airline
With ChronicX we found that the tool has greatly improved our performance with accuracy with really more repetitive issues, efficiency, decreasing the time of identifying those issues, and overall the knowledge that the tool brings us.
Director of Maintenance, Operations Control
Major North American Airline
Time savings, work flow, reliability are definitely keywords to use when talking about this service. With ChronicX, ATA miscoding is no longer an issue with the word search and data mining. We can now find chronics trends that span across 3 or 4 different ATAs.
Manager, Maintenance Operations & Control
Regional Airline
Regulatory issues brought us to use the ChronicX program. After we started using it, it corrected all of the regulatory problems.
Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center
Major North American Airline
ChronicX is a more powerful tool than we’ve ever had before. It has improved our process on a daily basis.
Director of Maintenance Operations Control
Major North American Airline
Seeing some of the issues when we do see them hit, we are a lot better at reacting and getting them routed in before they do become another delay or cancel down the line.
Manager of Maintenance Control
Regional Airline
They were spending around 4 hours a day on our old program, and now they have cut that in half to around 2 hours. They are now working to find solutions rather than trying to find which items are repetitive.
Operations Manager, Maintenance Control Center
Major North American Airline
Prior to getting ChronicX, we would have to do a broad search of all write-ups, extract it into excel, filter it, try to find all the items tied to it and there could be hundreds of thousands of write-ups. When we got ChronicX, right away it was telling us “well here’s your write-ups that are all tied together.” It made it a lot simpler to see the history of what’s going on with it.
Manager of Maintenance Control
Regional Airline

Using technology and intelligent data analysis to identify, analyze, and act on unscheduled maintenance events.

Currently in use on 25% of the world’s commercial airline fleet, ChronicX uncovers recurring defects and previously undetected issues, at both the tail number and fleet-level.

ChronicX also detects emerging failure modes that are yet to reach critical status. Custom targeted alerts enable engineers to respond with greater speed and accuracy.


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