AskBob™ Community Services

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AskBob™ is a virtual community forum that provides maintenance professionals with interactive research, online marketplace, virtual training, and knowledge sharing. The AskBob community is unique in that it reaches members both online at and on their desktop at work as an integrated feature of the ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud application and the NavigatorV™ Windows®-based application. You can take advantage of the following AskBob Community Services for your business:

  • Partner Page - Communicate directly with your customers, publish articles and training materials, post videos, sponsor a company specific discussion forum and much more.
  • Sponsored Discussion Forum - Add a dedicated discussion forum for your company - a great way to interact with the maintenance professionals that are working on your products.
  • News and Events - Conveniently distribute your news, events, press releases, white papers and more through the AskBob community.