Flightdocs Maintenance: Non-Routine Maintenance AOG Status & AOG Notification


New required field has been added to indicate if an aircraft is grounded or not as part of the Non-Routine maintenance functionality. Whether looking at the Non-Routine screen, Due List or Maintenance Center users will be able to clearly see if an aircraft is in AOG status.

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Aircraft Grounded is now a required field during the creation of a Non-Routine Discrepancy.

Flightdocs Maintenance AOG Reporting Non-Routine

Once an AOG Discrepancy has been reported you will see it on the Maintenance Information Center instantly.

Flightdocs Maintenance AOG Dashboard

The AOG status will always appear for any AOG Discrepancy reported (you can even use the filter to narrow down to just AOG events).

Flightdocs Maintenance AOG Non-Routines

In-Depth Information

For in-depth information on this particular update and several other topics, be sure to check out Fd Assist, our help system, available inside the Flightdocs platform.