Inventory: Complete Threshold Report


Now available under the Inventory Reports section is a new report called the “Complete Threshold” Report. This report allows you to view, edit, and export a full listing of all Inventory Minimum Thresholds and provides a simpler way to manage values without additional navigation.
This new report can be found by navigating to Inventory in the top navigation, and selecting reports. From there you can see the new “Complete Thresholds” Report available.
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From here, you can view all Inventory Items that have Thresholds set for individual Physical Locations or Globally across your account. Clicking into a row will take you to the item where you can then edit values. You can use the filter to narrow down your search and export to send the report to Excel.

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Additional Tips

To set up a Global Threshold for a specific Part Number, navigate to the Item Catalog and select the item you want to add a Threshold for. Click Edit on that item, and enter a Minimum Value for your Threshold.

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If you want to set a Minimum Value Threshold for a specific location, you can do this from the “Thresholds” tab on the Inventory Item. This is used if you need a minimum of 2 widgets at Base A and 5 widgets at Base B.

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Once a Threshold is set, if stock levels drop below that Threshold, that will appear on the Dashboard with a value in the “Low Stock Item” tile. Clicking into that tile will take you to the Inventory Below Threshold report where you can see all items that have stock below Thresholds.

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In-Depth Information

For in-depth information on this particular update and several other topics, be sure to check out Fd Assist, our help system, available inside the Flightdocs platform.