Inventory: Urgent Inventory Request


Flightdocs introduces the custom Urgent Inventory Request feature which allows users to identify inventory requests as urgent during the initial inventory or parts request. This feature creates enhanced views, reporting, and notification capabilities.

The Urgency list is user defined and is easy to set up based on individual operation requirements. Users can create this custom list through the MX System Settings, clicking on Request Urgency, and then hitting the Add button.

The Inventory Requests view now has the Urgency column for instant visibility. Users will be able to pull reports against this field and at a glance quickly identify the number of urgent requests awaiting part(s).

The Inventory Information Center has updated the Past Due tile to now reflect Past Due & Urgent Requests. Increasing visibility in multiple locations.

The Urgent Request notation results in escalated email notifications where the custom urgent request text is highlighted in red and bolded.

In-Depth Information

For in-depth information on this particular update and several other topics, be sure to check out Fd Assist, our help system, available inside the Flightdocs platform.