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Jerry Marolt of Flexjet Awarded the 30th Annual ATP/NATA General Aviation Service Technician Award

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The ATP/NATA General Aviation Service Technician Award is one of the most prestigious awards in General Aviation Maintenance. The award acknowledges the exceptional performance of a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic or radio repairman who has practiced his or her craft for a period of 20 or more years. This year’s award has a very special meaning for all of us, as it coincides with the 30th Anniversary of ATP’s sponsorship of the award with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Jerry Marolt of Flexjet, recipient of the 2017 award, thanking him for his exceptional service to the industry.Marolt-NATA-Awards1a.png

With over 23 years of service, Jerry Marolt began his career in 1993 as an A&P mechanic and pilot for MustangAerial Services. In 1995, he continued working as A&Pmechanic with Southeastern Ohio Air Services. In 1996, joined Executive Jet Aviation where he became a QCInspector. In 2000, Jerry entered service with FlightOptions and held positions as AMT, AMT Lead, Inspector and QA Inspector, that lead to his current role as Senior CrewChief on a Flexjet Global Express (after the Flight Options/ Flexjet Merger).

Jerry has always excelled at his job and has an outstanding reputation with his peers and his company. His job performance reviews and several letters of commendation point a picture of an employee that embodies the three fundamental principles of the Flexjet organization:

  1. Employees are the foundation of a service company -Jerry was often recognized as going above and beyond for the company and its customers.
  2. Fanatical attention to detail – Jerry’s persistence led to the correction of a $120,000 invoice error.
  3. A long-term approach to relationships – Jerry is known as a Flexjet brand ambassador worldwide.

Speaking about his career, Jerry will tell about times when, as a result of his diligence, he identified a problem that had been haunting technicians for months. Or, about a trip where he literally took an airplane, a boat and a car to get to an AOG aircraft to fix the issue. He has many stories, and those who listen walk away with the impression of an individual dedicated to his profession, loyal to his company and a genuine gentleman.

The award was presented this month to Jerry Marolt at the 2017 Aviation Business Conference by Marty Hiller, President of the National Air Transportation Association.

Congratulations, Jerry, on receiving this award.

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