Maintenance: 2-Way Link for Non-Routine Maintenance Items


Users now have the ability to create 2-way links between Maintenance Items (Inspections, Components, ADs, SBs) and Non-Routine Maintenance Items (Discrepancies, MELs, NEFs, and CDLs). With this new feature, the workflow of creating, updating, and associating multiple related items is significantly streamlined. It also enhances historical reporting and visibility into the causes and effects of maintenance events.

While executing a Maintenance Item, users can create a new Discrepancy during the Add Compliance Function, which automatically gets linked to the Work Completed record of the Maintenance Item. While executing a Non-Routine Maintenance Item, if the Corrective Action results in a component change, users can process that update directly from the Non-Routine Maintenance Item. In both scenarios, linking can be processed in the future if not done at the time the maintenance is completed.


In-Depth Information

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