HubConnect™ Mobile Connection Service

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Information Management Services for Today's Mobile Workforce

With the HubConnect™ Mobile Connection Service, customers benefit from ATP's information services designed for mobile devices. These mobile services include library management, compliance information management, automatic updates of information stored on mobile devices, and automatic synchronization of information on mobile devices.

The HubConnect Mobile Connection Service works in tandem with the ATP Aviation Hub Cloud Application to provide the advanced connection services that enable the functionality of the ATP Aviation Hub™ Mobile Application. This combination of services provides users access to the industry's largest selection of technical publications, regulatory documents, pilot operating handbooks and compliance information.

Via the features of the HubConnect Mobile Connection Service, which can be enabled in the ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud application, subscribers can select the information they want to store on Windows, iOS or Android devices. This ability to select documents reduces bandwidth costs and allows for optimum management of available memory. Users can choose sections of publications, full publications or complete libraries for access on their mobile device. When connected to the Internet, the mobile app works in tandem with the HubConnect mobile connection service to synchronize all content and automatically update any revised content.


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