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Focus operations, grow revenue, improve safety, and increase customer satisfaction.

Changing how aviation uses technical publications.

Interactive Technical Publications

ATP takes original OEM and regulatory content, adds relevant metadata such as make and model, keywords, terminology updates, and revisions, resulting in fully interactive tech pubs. This allows for a rich and comprehensive search and compliance experience.

Scalable Secure Distribution

Publications are accessible to customers through the Aviation Hub platform which employs a secure and scalable server infrastructure and features a powerful modern interface. ATP handles all the related work, reducing spend and eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

Guarded Access Control

ATP gives you complete control over your publication distribution, ensuring the right customer has access to the correct and most current information. ATP supports and enhances your publications with entitlement policies and custom strategies for customer access control.

Complete Subscription Management

ATP manages sales and subscriptions of all publications,  including payment processing and marketing. In addition, all users have access to our award-winning customer support, increasing publication accessibility and compliance while managing OEM spend.

Improved Publication Quality

ATP provides powerful and clear analytics tools to track publication activity. Gain insights into when, where, and how users are accessing and using your publications. Use live data to instantly improve the quality of your services, while streamlining publication and distribution.

Additional Revenue Streams

ATP applies smart data processing technologies that embed parts ordering directly into your publications, making it convenient for users to source the right parts from you or your approved distributors. Royalty agreements may also be a good option for some OEMs.

Changing How Aviation Uses Technical Publications

Benefits for Your Business

Focus On Your Core Business

Reduce and focus your operational costs by outsourcing publication management and distribution while introducing additional revenue streams.

Grow Your Revenue

Optimize your publications by adopting industry-leading ATP technology and services, to create integrated and direct parts ordering.

Increase Repeat Business

The tight integration with ATP technology and services leads to improved customer satisfaction, repeat business, and faster new customer acquisition.

Benefits for Your Customers

Easier Compliance

Incorporate FAA and EASA and other CAA publications into your documentation to help ensure your customers have all the critical data they need at all times.

Enhanced Safety

Control how your customers locate information to ensure they are referencing the correct documentation for any maintenance event they face.

Improved Support

Provide your customers with better support and improve their overall experience with the help of ATP technology and services.

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