Operations: Enhanced Visibility of Alerts & Schedule Conflicts


When viewing a Trip or Hold that has Alerts for schedule Conflict, we have added the ability to jump directly to the Trip, Hold or Personnel Activity Detail, or show the Conflict directly in the Flight Schedule View.
flightdocs Flight Schedule View

View In Schedule Button

The “View in Schedule” button will open the Schedule View where the conflict exists, and selects the Trip or Hold, so the slide out with details will appear. If there is a Conflict that involves a Personnel Activity, such as PTO or Training, the Personnel Schedule will open and scroll to the Personnel Activity that is in conflict with the Trip or Hold.

flightdocs View In Schedule Button

Go To Conflict

The “Go to Conflict” button will open the Detail screen for the Trip, Hold, or Personnel Activity that has a Conflict. By using the Edit function, users can make necessary changes to resolve the Conflict.

Flightdocs "Go to Conflict” button

In-Depth Information

For in-depth information on this particular update and several other topics, be sure to check out Fd Assist, our help system, available inside the Flightdocs platform.