Operations: New Top-Level Module for Operations Report


We have introduced a new top-level module for Reports in Operations. Found within the Operations Navigation Menu, users will now have the ability to export a number of reports in both XLS and PDF format as needed. We will continue to add new reports to this section as they are developed.

Flightdocs Operations Navigation Menu

Current Reports

  • Account List Report – Exports all Account Detail fields
  • Aircraft Activity List Report – Exports all Aircraft fleet Activities
  • Aircraft List Report – Exports all fleet detail fields
  • Flight Logs List Report – Exports fleet Flight Logs
  • Passengers List Report – Exports all Passenger detail fields
  • Passenger Itinerary – Exports Important trip details related to the Passengers
  • Passenger Usage Report – Exports detailed Passenger travel information
  • Personnel Flight Times Report – Exports all detailed Flight Times
  • Trip Sheet Report – Exports Important trip logistics for the Pilots

Flight Current Reports

Export Aircraft List

Flightdocs Export Aircraft List

Flightdocs Export Aircraft List part2

In-Depth Information

For in-depth information on this particular update and several other topics, be sure to check out Fd Assist, our help system, available inside the Flightdocs platform.