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Pratt & Whitney Canada Selects CaseBank’s Troubleshooting Technology for the PurePower® PW814GA/PW815GA Engine Series

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CaseBank Technologies became part of ATP in December 2016 with merged branding in April 2020

CaseBank Technologies Inc. today announced an advanced troubleshooting system for the innovative Pratt & Whitney Canada PurePower® PW800 turbine engine series. Incorporating a host of new CaseBank technologies, the PurePower PW814GA/PW815GA Engine SpotLight application will be paired with the Gulfstream G500 and G600 Aircraft SpotLight applications, producing the world’s first federated troubleshooting system that allows diagnostic information to flow between aircraft OEM and engine OEM diagnostic databases to quickly and accurately determine the cause of faults.

SpotLight® is an interactive troubleshooting solution that guides service technicians and call center personnel through the process of isolating equipment problems and performance issues, while collecting field experience and sharing best practices. SpotLight consists of two components, a diagnostic database containing symptoms, causes and solutions for equipment defects, and a diagnostic reasoning engine that uses the database to optimize troubleshooting processes.

The fully digital and tablet-ready SpotLight system will be the official troubleshooting “document” for the PurePower PW814GA/PW815GA engine series, entirely replacing conventional fault isolation manuals, while also capable of generating S1000D-compliant content for publications.  Initially developed from engineering source and flight test program data, the SpotLight system captures additional field experience with every use to deliver the most up-to-date troubleshooting guidance.

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