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Continental Motors: Engine Manufacturer Partners with ATP

ATP Information Services Announces Partnership With Continental Motors
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Partnership Leverages the ATP Aviation Hub™ Single Source Solution to Give Full Range of Benefits from ATP’s Specialized Tools and Services

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — June 26, 2017 — ATP — the premier provider of information tools and services for the aviation industry—today announced a partnership with Continental Motors to leverage ATP’s specialized tools and services to offer maintenance providers the industry’s most advanced technical publication solution, which is available as a single source solution that can include airframe, engines, propeller and other components. With the partnership, the engine manufacturer’s customers will safeguard the value of their aircraft, and maintenance providers will be able to dramatically boost productivity and streamline information management with the ATP Aviation Hub™ cloud application.

The partnership enables maintenance professionals servicing Continental Motors engines to leverage all of the benefits of the ATP Aviation Hub™ software as a service (SaaS) solution, which enables owner/operators and maintenance providers to seamlessly manage all of their end-to-end maintenance-related processes from a unified cloud platform. Maintenance professionals working on Continental Motors will also benefit from productivity and accessibility tools such as the ATP Aviation Hub Mobile App, which provides convenient online and offline access to mission critical maintenance, operating, and regulatory content, in addition to the company’s “Profile and Compliance” tool, which ensures proper compliance tracking for Airworthiness Directives (ADs) and Service Bulletins (SBs).

Under the partnership, Continental Motors will be able to leverage ATP’s core competencies in advanced distribution, revision management, library and publication management, subscription management and customer service for maintenance and technical information. Subscribers will also be supported by ATP’s world-class customer service center and the company’s deep experience in aviation maintenance, operations and regulatory information.

“ATP is a world-class service organization that uniquely possesses the expertise, technology and service infrastructure to support maintenance providers and owner/operators with their industry-leading cloud platform and full range of tools and services,” said Bob Boggan, Vice President of Sales and Customer Service for Continental Motors. “The partnership with Continental Motors® enables maintenance providers to gain all of the benefits from their specialized know-how and capabilities at the flip of a switch. It is part of Continental’s focus on customer support and satisfaction all the way through the product lifecycle.”

Continental Motors is a world leader in manufacturing advanced piston aircraft engines and avionics equipment with a history of continuous operation that spans more than a century. The company’s aircraft piston engine leadership stretches from the A-70 radial engine, which established a new level of smoothness and reliability, to the engines for the Voyager aircraft, which successfully circumnavigated the globe without refueling. A subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, the company’s global operations span from the U.S. — in Alabama and Florida — to Germany and China.

“By leveraging ATP’s information tools and services, maintenance professionals working on Continental Motors will be able to service the aircraft better, faster and more accurately in order to ensure optimal safety, reliability and availability,” said Ted Haugner, Vice President of OEM sales for ATP. “This partnership enables Continental Motors to focus their efforts on their core competencies in manufacturing advanced engines while leveraging our core competencies in serving the specialized maintenance-related needs of maintenance professionals.”


Continental Motors Group ™, Ltd. of Hong Kong, China is a subsidiary of AVIC International Holding Corporation of Beijing, China. Its mission is to provide advanced gasoline and Jet-A piston engine products, spare parts, engine and aircraft services, avionics equipment and repairs as well as pilot training for the general aviation marketplace. Continental is an international operation employing approximately 460 team members in Mobile, Fairhope and Miami, USA; 200 team members in St. Egidien, Germany; and 8 team members in Beijing, China. More information can be found at www.continentalmotors.aero.


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