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Japan Airlines Selects ATP’s ChronicX® Solution to Track and Manage Aircraft Defects

Japan Airlines Selects ATP’s ChronicX® Solution to Track and Manage Aircraft Defects

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MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA – November 6, 2018 – ATP, the leading provider of troubleshooting, reliability and defect trend analysis solutions, today announced that Japan Airlines (JAL) has selected the ChronicX® service to more effectively and efficiently manage chronic defects in its aircraft fleet.

JAL cited several reasons for choosing the ChronicX solution from CaseBank, including: it helps maintenance engineers identify repeat defects quicker and more accurately; it helps the maintenance operation gain visibility into chronic defects at both the aircraft and fleet levels; and it integrates seamlessly with JAL’s maintenance system.

“JAL is highly focused on achieving excellence in safety, engineering quality and reliability, and the ChronicX solution supports these goals by enabling all members of our maintenance engineering operation, including the shop, back office, line maintenance, and heavy maintenance to work off the same platform. This creates synergy and collaboration among the various teams,” said Naofumi Ito, Assistant Manager, Japan Airlines. Ito added, “The information that comes from the ChronicX system provides greater accuracy and is easier to understand and share by staff members across our maintenance operation.”

“We are delighted to be working with Japan Airlines to implement the ChronicX solution. JAL is recognized as one of the world’s leading airlines, and in 2018 was named by TripAdvisor as the Best Airline in Japan.  This is the second consecutive year that JAL has won that award and we look forward to supporting their high standards for safety, quality and reliability,” said Rick Noble, Chief Executive Officer at ATP.

JAL also values the speed with which ChronicX identifies chronic defects. The legacy systems used by most airlines, including JAL, were not as efficient and delivered complex reports, which could reduce efficiency and productivity for engineering and maintenance staff. On the contrary, ChronicX delivers valuable information in a matter of seconds. “What used to take three or four hours now takes only seconds. By using ATP’s ChronicX solution, our maintenance professionals, will now focus on repairing instead of spending time sorting through data. We estimate that we will save a lot of hours in manpower each year,” said ITO, Japan Airlines.

One major reason why ChronicX is so accurate in identifying chronic defects is that it has the capability to correlate text fields rather than relying solely on inconsistent ATA codes. It analyzes the text in pilot reports (PIREPS) and maintenance records (MAREPS), based on what was written, via natural language processing and artificial intelligence. This advanced technology enables it to handle airline-specific terminology, slang, abbreviations, and mis-spellings, for both finding related defects and eliminating false alerts. Also, the ChronicX solution incorporates a dictionary with the terminology that JAL’s professionals employ to communicate, so that chronic defects can be grouped more easily.

“Overall, ATP’s ChronicX solution helps us reduce labor costs, unscheduled maintenance events and chronic defects. Besides, it helps us improve maintenance time in turnaround, and increase service availability for our aircraft fleet,” said Ito.


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