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Guided Aviation Troubleshooting

A comprehensive fault isolation solution providing interactive and collaborative troubleshooting while capturing new field experience so you can grow and retain tribal knowledge and improve first-time fix rates.

SpotLight, a cloud-based interactive troubleshooting tool, captures field experience and provides just-in-time training.


Smarter Aviation Troubleshooting

SpotLight promotes best-in-class aviation troubleshooting processes by presenting tests in the most logical order, refining the possible solution lists and tests in real-time based on provided answers, and giving context sensitive documentation at each step.

Better Aircraft Fix-Rates

SpotLight accelerates mean-time to repair, reduces no-fault-found parts, and increases equipment availability. With a more reliable fleet and fewer wasted parts, customers can realize immediate savings on maintenance costs alone.



Knowledge Accumulation

SpotLight effectively captures field experience from your entire team, ensuring the best fix to a maintenance issue is shared globally, to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective aviation troubleshooting paths and solutions every time.

SpotLight uses a smart diagnostic reasoning engine that continually optimizes the aviation troubleshooting process.

Guided Diagnostics

Step-by-step aviation troubleshooting guide using a series of specific and dynamically delivered question and answer options.

Just-In-Time Training

Customizable documentation, videos, and pictures to guarantee the tech can troubleshoot even unfamiliar equipment and symptoms.

Centralized Collaboration

Messaging and session sharing features allow technicians to connect with colleagues in other locations to assist with troubleshooting.

Flexible Authoring

 Tailors troubleshooting content for unique configurations and workflows while integrating new field experience.

Cross-Platform Access

Provides quick and immediate online or offline access to key information via the desktop application, web app, or mobile app.

Fleet View

Get a real-time view of all active aviation troubleshooting and help desk escalations, for centralized monitoring, prioritization, and tracking of urgent issues.

Read what SpotLight customers have to say about the product and its features.

With SpotLight, we can diagnose equipment problems 2-4X faster than with other methods, with almost no variation in elapsed time between rookies and experts.
Field Service Technician
Major OEM
By collecting and sharing best practices and field experiences, we provide an unprecedented level of diagnostic capability for operators.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

SpotLight incorporates validated field experience to provide consistent and accurate aviation troubleshooting procedures.

Trusted by manufacturers, airlines, and militaries around the world, SpotLight enables you to monitor, maintain, and collaborate on all unscheduled maintenance.

Technicians can significantly improve first-time-fix rates and reduce overall equipment downtime and total repair costs.


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