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The Benefits Of An Intuitive Aviation Management Software Solution

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In this modern era, quick solutions are becoming more and more important and the business aviation industry is no exception.

When your aircraft is AOG you have no time to wait, you have to act fast. In that, you want to know that the support you need is just a phone call away. That’s why it’s no surprise to learn that in a survey of more than 75,000 consumers, the number one most important factor in a customer’s loyalty is reducing their effort the work they must do to get their problem solved.

The Core Principles of Customer Service

Here at ATP, we continually expand on our driving core principle of customer service, in addition to providing for an intuitive user experience. We want our aviation management software platform to engage the user in a way that is consistent with the experiences offered by other technology leaders such as Amazon, Google and Apple. There is a method behind the madness and we have invested heavily, ensuring these principles are reflected in our product.

Designing an application that is intuitive is not only a necessity for our customers, but also for their vendors. The aviation industry relies on an extensive network to stay safe and airworthy. Aircraft Manufacturers, Part 145 Repair Stations, A&P mechanics, Pilots and other aviation professionals all contribute to this end. Thus, access to accurate, real-time information is imperative.  

Whether planning for the next maintenance event, down for scheduled maintenance or working an AOG, access to information can make or break an operation’s ability to keep on schedule. 

So what does this mean for you, our customer and the end-user?

How You Can Enhance Service With Intuitive Aviation Management Software

Reduced Training Time

A cross-functional platform with seamless movement between desktop and mobile devices inherently decreases the amount of training required. Flightdocs was designed with the user in mind. Users are impressed with the simplicity of the product and feel comfortable exploring.  Our philosophy of intuitive design lends itself to a clear pathway to product proficiency.

In addition, we also have training available in a variety of formats; in person, online and on-demand. If customers have a quick question about a specific task, our 24/7/365 US-based customer service is available to assist, we guarantee a live, knowledgeable person will answer the phone, any time, within two rings.


A simple design allows for the Flightdocs solution to adapt to your operational workflows. Whether you are a Part 91 operation with one aircraft, a fully electronic Part 135 fleet operator or a Part 121 with custom maintenance programs, ATP has a solution. The end result is a modern tool that reduces paperwork, improves communication and provides access to data in real-time. Our technology allows you to take your current processes to the next level.

Easy Vendor Access 

We talk about reduced training time and scalability and how that impacts your department. This includes supporting our customers’ vendors and, with a simple call, Flightdocs can grant vendor access within seconds. No phone trees, no submitting a support ticket, no waiting on an email confirmation or hoping your assigned analyst is available. An authorized person calls our customer support number and talks to a live person who then assists with granting the appropriate access. We know time is of the essence and when you need someone to access the information, you need it now.

DOM Ed DuVal explains,

“I go to a service center, I don’t even ask ahead of time who my QA person’s going to be because I know as soon as I walk in, I can pick up the phone and I can call Flightdocs and say, ‘I need this guy to have access to my airplanes so we can update compliances’ and it happens right then and there.”

Real-Time Vendor Communication

Using ATP to build your work packages ensures that all users have access to the maintenance activity in real-time. It is available anytime, anywhere. Go beyond printing out the duelist and duplicating the work. Share the work order with your vendor and use this for planning. Easily get them access so they can manage the scope from their end in real-time. This system allows for contemporaneous applications of work completed and compliance, allowing both parties to stay on top of the entire project and communicate throughout. And we all know that communication is key. By working together during the entire process, the final logbook review, logbook entry review and invoice review are as painless and uneventful as possible.

Having confidence in your vendor is key. Make sure that as you are evaluating and choosing your vendor partners that they have the tools in place to work together and can respond immediately. This will ensure you, your operation, and your aircraft are moving in the right direction.

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