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Top Considerations Before Adopting A Maintenance Tracking Solution

Modern Maintenance Tracking Solution

At first glance, it may seem like all electronic or computerized maintenance tracking and management solutions have a similar touch and feel. This is why you need to delve a little deeper into the nuts and bolts – no, you don’t have to be a programmer – but by understanding some key points, your comprehension of both changes considerably.

Terms like servers, the cloud, mobile apps and APIs are not just programming terms. In fact, they speak to the very heart of your long-term success with an electronic/computerized maintenance tracking solution. Here we dive into the top considerations of a modern solution.

Key Considerations Of A Modern Maintenance Tracking Solution

Server, Cloud and Resiliency

Consider the following questions, does the maintenance tracking solution run through a web browser? Does it require additional infrastructures such as a server, network and admin? Who’s responsible for maintaining the application? 

When looking for a maintenance tracking solution, consider a cloud-based software. A 100% cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) or an on-demand platform does not require any local software installation and supports a wide range of operating systems and browsers. It should be geographically dispersed with redundancy to minimize the chance of service disruption and provide recovery in the event of a catastrophe. A modern maintenance tracking solution should also be facilitated by modern, trusted cloud service platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Mobile Accessibility

We live in a real-time, live access world. Your maintenance tracking solution should have mobile accessibility. Keep in mind that not all mobile apps are the same, some apps are simply websites running in an app. For the best user experience, we recommend looking for a 100% native mobile app. These are apps built after 2010. Beware the electronic maintenance management solutions that have web or hybrid apps delivered through a native app—performance could suffer.

The All-Important API

The application programming interface or API is a term that may seem like just computer-speak, but it’s important. A solution built on modern API will let you continuously improve application capabilities and access data in ways that you never anticipated.


Finally, always ask about security features and ensure that your data is 100% encrypted. In addition, ask if data is hosted in highly secure SSAE18 data centers with state-of-the-art physical and cybersecurity on geo-replicated servers.

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