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Women In Aviation: Aviation Maintenance Student Receives $1000 ATP Scholarship

Founded by Carol and Bill Daniels in 1973, ATP is committed to the aviation industry and has been a long-time supporter of Women in Aviation and aviation maintenance with software and information services promoting aircraft safety and reliability.

Back again for another year, we are excited to be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a woman pursuing the Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licenses, with a passion and drive to work in general aviation. This year’s recipient is Rebekah Murphy, a hardworking college student on a mission to obtain her A&P license.

About Scholarship Recipient Rebekah Murphy

Rebekah’s deep passion for aviation first sparked as a child as she listened to stories her grandfather told her about the days when he was a bush pilot. It wasn’t until he took her for a helicopter ride that she realized how great the aviation industry is. All it took was another ride in an ERCO Ercoupe, and she knew she belonged in the air.

Rebekah worked hard and focused on her goal of a career in aviation, and at 16 years old she became a cadet for the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). CAP offered her the chance to kick start her aviation career, and in 2019 she landed a spot in the Desert Eagle Flight Academy which is only offered to a few select cadets.

"Since 2019, I have decided that I am going to become a bush-pilot like my grandpa."

Rebekah Murphy

Rebekah flew every day while in the Desert Eagle Flight Academy, and when she wasn’t flying, she was studying for the FAA private pilot test. It was only a short ten days totaling ten hours of flying at the academy when her instructor knew she was ready for a solo flight. Rebekah described that solo flight as “the most thrilling, scary, and exciting experience of my life.”

With a long-term goal of becoming a bush pilot like her grandfather, she first wants to become an Aircraft Maintenance technician. Knowing how the aircraft she’s flying works will be useful for her as a pilot.

Congratulations Rebekah, ATP admires your passion and ambition for aviation. Thank you for sharing your journey to a career in aviation with us, and for being an inspiration to everyone.   

About Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International (WAI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of women in all aviation career fields and interests. Their diverse membership includes astronauts, corporate and airline pilots, maintenance technicians, engineers, air traffic controllers, business owners, educators, journalists, flight attendants, high school and university students, air show performers, airport managers, among many others.

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