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Women in Aviation: Scholarship Winner Audrey Rabe

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As part of our commitment to aviation maintenance, ATP created a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a woman pursuing an airframe and powerplant license who demonstrates a passion for general aviation maintenance.

Women in Aviation Award Winner Audrey Rabe

This year’s winner – Audrey Rabe – unequivocally demonstrates passion in all that she does, whether it’s soloing before she had her driver’s license, finishing her commercial rating before she graduates next year, or pushing to complete her bachelor’s degree in aeronautics in just three years.

Audrey’s ultimate goal in aviation is to be a missionary bush pilot, with an organization like Africa Inland Mission or Missionary Aviation Fellowship. This means she must also be an aviation mechanic. After all, if you’re flying into a jungle and have mechanical issues, you could be stuck waiting a long time if you can’t fix it yourself. So Audrey is also pursuing an associate of arts degree in aviation maintenance technician.

“Over the next five years, I want to finish the required flight hours and mechanic experience necessary for missionary flying in Alaska. This will give me practice in a variety of weather phenomena, different lengths and surfaces of landing strips, and bush flying in general. My hope is I’ll complete my hours flying cargo to Alaskan villages only accessible by boat or airplane. Then in 10 years, I hope to use my aviation skills for medical flights into and out of inhospitable terrain and transporting supplies and medication to those on the brink of starvation and death.”

With women like Audrey Rabe entering the field, the future of aviation looks bright and the continued value of business aviation is in good hands.

Good luck Audrey – and thank you for being an example of how #BizAvWorks!


SCHOOL:Liberty University
MAJORS:B.S., Aeronautics Global Studies and AA in Aviation Maintenance
AWARDS:Dean’s List, Honor Roll, Magna Cum Laude (HighSchool), Academic All-Ohio Student Athlete Award, West Point Leadership Award
CERTIFICATIONS:Private, Instrument Rating, and Commercial Rating (May 2017)


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